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IMO Reports

Unity for Safety at Sea


4th Session of the Implementation of IMO Instruments Sub-Committee

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71st Marine Environment Protection Committee

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MSC 98

98th Maritime Safety Committee

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LEG 104

The one hundred and fourth session of the Legal Committee.

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FAL 41

The fourth session of the Facilitation Committee.

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The fourth session of the Ship Safety Equipment Sub-Committee.

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The fourth session of the Navigation, Communications and Search & Rescue Sub-Committee.

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The fourth session of the Ship Design and Construction (SDC) Sub-Committee.

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The fourth session of the Human Element Training and Watchkeeping (HTW) Sub-Committee.

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4th Pollution Prevention and Response Sub-Committee

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97th Maritime Safety Committee

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70th Marine Pollution Environmental Committee

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Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers

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Report of III 3 Sub-Committee

The Implementation of IMO Instruments (III) Sub-Committee 3 was held from 18th to 22 July 2016 under that chairmanship of Captain D. Hutchison (Bahamas). IFSMA provided 3 delegates with one dedicated to the Working Group on measures to harmonize port State control (PSC) activities and procedures worldwide and analysis of PSC data to identify trends and develop knowledge and risk-based recommendations.

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Council 116

Report on Council 116, 4-7 July 2016

The IMO Council is the management committee for all matters concerning the running of IMO.

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LEG 103

Report of IMO 103rd Legal Committee

This committee was held over three days during June 2016. The important points covered are summarised in the report below.

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MSC 96

Report of IMO Marine Safety Committee – May 2016

This was a busy Committee meeting scheduled for a full 5 days. For this very important meeting the IFSMA delegation consisted of: Has Sande, President; Secretary General, Jim Scorer; Paul Owen Assistant Secretary General; Alan Graveson, Nautilus; David Appleton, Nautilus; Morten Kveim, Norwegian Maritime Officers’ Association; Anand Shingatgeri, Company of Master Marines India. Matters of interest to members are recorded under the Read More… link.

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The sixty-ninth session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee was held at the IMO from 18th to 22nd April 2016 under the chairmanship of Sr. Arsenio Dominguez (Panama). The Vice-Chairman was Mr. Hideaki Saito (Japan). This was a busy session with 149 papers submitted for action or information.

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FAL 40

FAL 40 Committee was held between 4th – 8th April 2016 under the Chaimanship of Yury Melenas (Russia) Vice Chairman Marina Angsell (Sweden). This Committee is taking on greater importance as Flag States and Regional Groupings, such as the European Union, acknowledge the political realities of world trade. The responsibility for attendance at the FAL Committee is usually undertaken by Flag State Governmental Departments responsible for foreign and overseas trade with support being provided by their marine administrations.

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The third session of the Ship Systems and Equipment Sub Committee was held at the IMO from 14th to 18th March 2016 chaired by Susuma Ota (Japan). Compared with with previous Sub Committee meetings so far this year, a reduced number of papers (61 in total) were submitted. However, a significant number of issues were passed to SSE from other Committees and Sub-Committees.

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