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Secretary General

IFSMA Update - May & June 2015

The May and June 2015 report contains reports on MARPOL 68, MSC 95 and Council 114. Also information on the latest NGO Informal Group Meeting, the agreed location for AGA 42, Criminalisation of the Shipmaster and Piracy, amongst other subjects. Read More…

October 2014

The October 2014 report contains reports on IMO meetings CCC1 and FAL39. Also information on Marine Society discounts, ExCo Meeting, Office Administrator post, MARTHA Project, UN-HCR Initiative on Protection of the Sea, Oceans Beyond Piracy Forum, Cadet Survey and Placement on board ships for Seatime. Finally, revision of the IFSMA Statutes and Byelaws are mentioned. Read More…

August 2014

The August 2014 report by the Secretary General, includes news on IMO meetings NCSR1 and III1, progress with the Office Refurbishment, a reports on the NGO Group, the Martha Project and information on the 41st AGA in Chile. Read More…